You might ask why there are eleven Pannobile individualists in the photograph below, instead of nine? The answer is simple. Pannobile has been a movement in motion since 1994. The next generation, Nittnaus and Gsellmann, stand alongside their founding elders; enriching them and bringing in a fresh wave of wind and new energy for the coming years.

Gernot Leitner

Pannobile member since 1994

"when it comes down to quality, we are all ears, and give each other nothing but our full attention"

Hans Nittnaus

Pannobile member since 1994

"Straightforward (and) ahead of the times."

Claus Preisinger

Pannobile member since 2004

"You don't sit back in this association. In other words, we have great fun!"

Paul Achs

Pannobile member since 1994

"We know exactly where we want to be. Everyone for himself and together as a team."

Gerhard Pittnauer

Pannobile member since 1998

"We all do what we want. That's what connects us."

Judith Beck

Pannobile member since 1994

"We measure ourselves against the best in the world, not just ourselves."

Hans Gsellmann

Pannobile member since 1994

"If you work alone, you can add up. If you work together, you can multiply."

Gernot Heinrich

Pannobile member since 1994

"Only the terroir is always right."

Helmuth Renner

Pannobile member since 1994

"You can't take the easy way out. Then everything's very simple"

Martin Nittnaus

Andreas Gsellmann